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20 Days Pearl Of Africa| Uganda Birding Safari

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Package Overview

Being the smallest of the 18 countries worldwide whose bird-list hits the 1,000 mark, birding in Uganda is an absolutely exquisite experience. Uganda is an exceptional birdwatching safari destination and it has over the years attracted a good number of ornithologists, profound birders and budding beginners. It therefore gives birders an opportunity to feast their eyes and gadgets on the flourishing avian life.

Due to its alluring habitat and eco-diversity, Uganda is home to more than 1’060 bird species. This impressive population accounts to nearly 50% of Africa’s total and 11 % of the global estimate.

On this 20 day Pearl of Africa| Uganda birdwatching safari, you will journey through the country’s wilderness to explore the avian life. You will explore some of its evergreen forests and marshes, as-well-as the undulating golden-yellow savannas and mountain ranges. On this Uganda safari, you will go birding in Mabamba swamp known for the Shoebill Stork. Further more, you will see forest species in Budongo forest, Kibale forest, Semliki, Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga national park.

You will go birding the Rwenzori ranges and see savanna species in Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth national parks. Expect to encounter myriad number of bird species including common and endangered species, restricted range species, endemics and many others.


Note: Welcome to Uganda, the Birding Haven! You will be warmly received by our guide on the day of arrival at Entebbe airport.  The guide will then transfer you to your overnight accommodation in Entebbe.

Overnight (o/n): Imperial Resort Hotel (Luxury)/ Lake Heights hotel (Mid-range)/ Airport view Guesthouse(Basic); Bed & Breakfast

  • For a successful birding experience, you need to start very early before sunrise and also in the evening hours. These are good times to see the birds as they leave and return to their nests and most species are usually active before afternoon hours and as the sunsets.

Package Itinerary

Start with an early breakfast at the hotel, transfer early to Kasanjje at Mabamba wetland on the shores of Lake Victoria where you will start-off your pearl of Africa| Uganda birding safari. On your bird watching experience here, the activity is done on a motorized canoe paddled by a local skipper and lead by a local guide who know every corner of the wetland. The Mabamba wetland is Uganda’s premier site for the Shoebill Stork, other birds available are the; Pied Kingfisher, African Marsh Harrier, African Jacana, White-winged Terns, and others.
Afterwards, depart to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola district where you will have your stay.

Meal Plan: Half Board [HB]; O/night: Amuka safari lodge (Midrange) /Ziwa Guesthouse (Basic).

Today start off with a very early breakfast, you will participate in an early birding excursion which commences as early as 0600hrs, and this presents you an opportune moment to catch the first rays of the sun rise over Lugogo swamp. Birding here is done on a motorized boat/ canoe, there are various species of birds to look out for like the African Black Crake, Bronze Manikini, and the main one being the Shoebill Stork among other water birds.
You will also go Rhino tracking in the wilds of Ziwa, take lunch and in the afternoon hours depart northwards to Murchison Falls area near Budongo Forest reserve

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB] O/night: Nile Safari lodge (Luxury) /Murchison River lodge (Midrange) /Budongo Eco lodge (Basic)

Today after breakfast, assemble very early at Budongo reception area. Here you will receive briefing and setoff into the forest to start your birding experience in forest. This Mahogany and Ironwood forest is rich in a number of bird species especially forest variety such as the; Cassin’s Spine-tail, Chestnut-capped Flycatcher, Honey Guide Greenbul and others.
The forest has two sections for bird watching, in the morning you will take on the trails through Kaniyo Pabidi known for the rare Puvell’s Illadopsis and other species while in the evening, birding will be along the Royal Mile trail where the scenery is just awe-inspiring with canopies of trees towering overhead.

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]. O/night: Nile Safari lodge (Luxury) /Murchison River lodge (Midrange) /Budongo Eco lodge (Basic)

Today, you will go birdwatching in the environs of Murchison falls national park. Start with breakfast and transfer very early to the park, you will browse the savanna dotted plains of the northern bank where you will be able to see lots of grassland savanna species like Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Osprey, Martial Eagle, Black Headed Plover and others as well as seeing other wildlife like mammals e.g. Cape Buffalos, Rothschild’s Giraffes among others.

In the afternoon, you will take on a voyage along the Victoria Nile from Paraa, upstream to the bottom of the falls, you will be able to see lots of birds especially water species within the marshes at the banks and others clinging on the cliffs. You will climax the day with the top of the falls visit or hike, where you get chance to capture some of the most remarkable Kodak moments.

O/night :Paraa Safari lodge (Luxury) /Pakuba Safari lodge (Midrange) /Heritage lodge (Basic). Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]

Today after breakfast, you will assemble very early at Paraa, where you will set off for a birdwatching excursion downstream to the Nile delta. The Murchison Falls Nile delta is a prime spot for the pre-historic looking Shoebill Stork usually seen in the morning hours, the delta is also a docking point for variety of birds especially the water species.

Afterwards, you will depart the park and transfer in the southern direction through the great Bunyoro Kingdom to Hoima where you will have your stay.

O/night: Bugoma Jungle lodge (Mid-range) /Miika Eco- Resort hotel (Basic). Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]

After breakfast, you will head into Bugoma forest with the guide search for its forest variety on a birding nature walk. You will be able to see lots of species especially the forest birds. The walk lasts about 2-3 hours then head back to the lodge and depart southwards to Kibale Forest.

Meal Plan: Full Board (FB). O/n: Crater Safari lodge (Luxury) /Primate lodge (Mid-range) /Kibale Forest lodge (Basic)

Start with an early breakfast, proceed for yet another stunning Uganda forest birding experience in Kibale, a park known for its forest bird variety which accounts to 60% of the 380 species. After briefing you will set-off into the for the birding walk into Kibale forest. You will be able to encounter a number of birds including the Albertine Rift Endemics like Dusky Crimsonwing, Blue-headed Sunbird and Kibale specials like the Green-breasted Pitta among many others.
In the afternoon, you have an option of tracking Chimpanzees, Kibale forest has over 1’500 Chimps and other 12 Primate species, and its primate density gives it its name; “The Primate Capital of the World”.

Meal Plan: Full Board (FB). O/n: Crater Safari lodge (Luxury) /Primate lodge (Mid-range) /Kibale Forest lodge (Basic)

Today after breakfast, transfer early enough to Bigodi wetland near Kibale forest. You will take-on 3 hour birding walk around the wetland, and encounter lots of bird species with an estimate of 200 recorded here and the common one being the elegant Great Blue Turaco. The wetland also shelters various species of mammals like Sitatungas which you may come across.
Later, you will transfer northwest of Kibale forest to Bundibugyo district towards Semliki national park where you will have your next day birdwatching adventure.

O/night: Semliki Safari lodge (Luxury)
Meal Plan: Full Board (FB)

After breakfast, hit the sweeping savanna grasslands and the palm dotted trails of Semliki on a full day birding excursion in the park. Tracks through Ntandi and Sempaya offer great moments to spot a variety of forest bird species and those endemic to the Albertine Rift region like the Dwarf Honey Guide, Purple-breasted Sunbird among others like the Piping Hornbill, Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill, and Orange Weaver.
You will also visit the park’s famous attraction, the male and female hot springs.

O/night: Semliki Safari lodge (Luxury). Meal Plan: Full Board (FB)

Sign-off your birdwatching excursion in Semliki with a birding session around Kirimia River or near Lake Albert where odds of spotting the elusive Shoebill Stork are high. Expect to see a number of water birds as well as some mammals.
In the afternoon after lunch, hit the road and transfer southwestwards in the direction of Rwenzori Mountains National park.

Meal Plan: Full Board (FB) O/n: Equator Snow lodge (Midrange)

Start off after an early or packed breakfast, then transfer to the park area at Kilembe or Nyakalengija trailheads where you will depart for the Rwenzori birding walk around the forest fringed lower zones. It is the lower zones of the Rwenzori mountain range which harbor most of the bird species and on the birdwatching excursion within the park area, you may come across interesting bird species like the Rwenzori Turaco, Rwenzori Double Collared Sunbird and many others like Black Eagles, Golden-winged Sunbird and Bamboo Warbler as well other wildlife species like the Three Horned Chameleon. This is a day’s activity, return to the lodge in the evening, where dinner and overnight will be.

Meal Plan: Full Board (FB). O/n: Equator Snow lodge ( Midrange)

Depart for Queen Elizabeth after breakfast on a roughly 2 hour journey southwestwards from Rwenzori national park. On arrival you will check-in at the lodge for lunch and later, transfer early for an afternoon session of the launch trip along the blistering Kazinga channel where you will encounter lots of wildlife crammed along the banks especially water birds like the Kingfishers, others like the Marabou Storks, Pelicans etc. the banks of this channel are also home to a numerous count of mammals like the Cape Buffaloes, Elephants, Hippopotamuses etc.

Meal Plan: Full Board (FB). O/n: Mweya Safari lodge (Luxury) /Buffalo Safari lodge (Midrange) /Marafiki Safari lodge (Basic)

Today you will go birdwatching in Kyambura Gorge situated in the Kyambura wildlife reserve. The reserve’s richness in eco-biodiversity makes it a great habitat for forest and water bird species like Egrets, Flamingo and many others.
Later in the afternoon you will have a lunch break and then take on an evening game drive around Kasenyi in the park and on the drive you will see mammals and various savanna birds.

Meal Plan: Full Board (FB). O/n: Mweya Safari lodge (Luxury) /Buffalo Safari lodge (Midrange) /Marafiki (Basic)

Today after an early breakfast, leave the lodge and Queen Elizabeth. You will take on a soft drive along the way through Ishasha viewing the variety of birds in the southern part of the park. This section is home to an enormous count of savanna birds like Great Blue and Ross’ Turacos, Starlings, African Crake, Martial Eagle, Helmeted Guinea fowl and many others. .
The journey also rewards you will view of mammals like Elephant, Waterbucks etc. and continue to Buhoma area in Bwindi Impenetrable forest.

Meal Plan: Full Board (FB). O/n: Buhoma lodge (Luxury) /Silverback lodge (Midrange)/Buhoma Ride 4 a Woman (Basic).

Transfer to the park reception area very early after breakfast where you will meet your ranger guide and then set-off for your birding excursion in Bwindi Impenetrable along the Munyanga river trail, in the valley below Buhoma. It is a shorter trail and birding here can last just 2-3 hours. On this birding activity you may see species like; the African bulbul, White-tailed fly catchers, Bar-tailed trogon, Bee-eaters, Starlings, Short-tailed warbler, Black-billed weaver, Red-headed blue bill, African emerald cuckoo, Barbets, Woodpeckers, African broadbill, Tinker birds, Robin chat among others.

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]
O/n: Buhoma lodge (Luxury) /Silverback lodge (Midrange) /Buhoma Ride 4 a Woman (Basic).

Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable’s southern sector of Nkuringo where you will be for today’s birdwatching expedition on this Pearl of Africa| Uganda birding safari. Today, the activity will be done along the Ivi river, a trail leading through a remarkable forest near Nkuringo, and the river. The trail is flocked by an assortment of water and forest bird species which you will come across during the forest walk.
(Optional: A Gorilla tracking adventure can be organized, however, early reservations have to be made to secure a permit)

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]. Overnight [O/n]: Clouds Mt. Gorilla lodge (Luxury) /Nkuringo Gorilla Camp (Midrange) /Rushaga Gorilla Camp (Basic).

Have a leisurely breakfast then depart Bwindi to Mgahinga national park situated southwest of the country on the border with Rwanda. The drive through this remote part of the country is absolutely fascinating, characterized by sights of rolling mountain landscape shrouded in evergreen misty rainforest. When you arrive, transfer to the accommodation where you will have your stay.

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]. O/night: Mt. Gahinga Banda (Luxury) /Traveler’s Rest lodge (Midrange) /Kisoro Tourist hotel (Basic).

After a hearty breakfast, proceed to Ntebeko reception area; where you will meet with the park ranger who will brief you about the Golden Monkey tracking etiquette. The trails lead from the trail head through the bamboo shrouded zones where the Golden monkeys usually dwell and are, found. When you eventually come across them, an hour is availed to you in their presence to utilize the best of your time staring and photographing these exquisitely colored striking golden primates whose population is endangered.

Later depart to Lake Bunyonyi area where you will spend the evening hours of today enjoying the cool atmosphere and great scenery.

O/n: Bird-nest @ Bunyonyi Resort (Luxury)/ Arcadia lodge (Midrange)/ Crater Bay Cottages (Basic). Meal Plan: Full Board [FB].

Begin the day with a hearty breakfast at the lodge, then assemble at the docking point where you will prepare to set off for a boat ride along the beautiful and intriguing waters of Lake Bunyonyi. The lake has numerous islands (29) and you will be able to visit and explore some of them such as the punishment island. The great scenery characterized by the towering terraced highlands of Kigezi region, cool breeze and sights of many little birds skimming along the lake highlight your stay in this area. Its is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful places in Uganda and Africa in general.

(Optional: Batwa cultural and local community visits)

O/n: Bird-nest @ Bunyonyi Resort (Luxury)/ Arcadia lodge (Midrange)/ Crater Bay Cottages (Basic). Meal Plan: Full Board [FB].

A hearty breakfast will sign-off this Pearl of Africa birding safari, then depart the southwestern part of the country to Kampala where you will be dropped off at the hotel or the airport for you international flight back home. On the way, you will have a short stop at the Equator.

Meal Plan: Breakfast and Lunch. End of Safari

Note: *Tour Starts and Ends in Entebbe or Kampala || *Book return flights departing after 22:00hrs


*Park entrance fees & All activity fees unless labeled as optional

*Professional English Speaking guide/driver

*Ground Transportation in 4X4 Safari vehicle

*Round trip Airport/ Hotel transfers

*Accommodation on day of Arrival (Bed and Breakfast) and During the tour

*Drinking mineral water in the car & Meals as the itinerary describes

*Government VATs

*AMREF Evacuation Cover


*Tourist Visa fees (visa can be arranged on request)

*Post Tour Accommodation [can be arranged on request]

*International Airline ticket [can be arranged on request]

*Tips, Gratuities and expenses of personal nature

*Foods and beverages outside the meal plan

*Personal travel insurance

*Gorilla and Chimpanzee tracking permit.

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