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Remarkable Rwanda! Why Visit Rwanda for Safari?

“The Land of a Thousand hills”

Rwanda is a small and stunningly beautiful country in the heart of Africa. Its situated in the eastern part of the continent and its a destination not to be underestimated. This vibrant and rocket growing country is a destination with troubled past and now having one of the fastest growing economies, its tourism sector being no exception. So, why visit Rwanda? Prevalently when you talk about Gorilla safaris in Africa, Rwanda is the absolute and ultimate answer.

Why is it Rwanda Gorilla safaris? The country has a growing appeal to African holiday makers, and Gorilla trekking adventures are the center of attraction. It’s popularly known for the high-end and most handy Gorilla tracking safaris as a result of positive conservation as well as promotion efforts.

Gorilla in Volcanos National Park
Gorilla in Volcanos National Park

Rwanda is a land of transcendent beauty characterized by picturesque rolling green mountainous landscape.  Its scenery is highlighted by the iconic Virunga Ranges in the Northwest, which shelters the country’s portion of the Mountain Gorillas.

In the misty cloaked Volcanos National Park, is where you track the Mountain Gorillas during safari in Rwanda. The park is dominated by Bamboo forest zones where you mainly find the most prestigious primates and Great Apes of Africa; the Gorillas. The park as well shelters the Golden monkeys which are also endangered.

Where else to test your adrenaline and bravery as your knees shake high above in the canopies of a pristine mountain rainforest, if not in the “Land of a thousand hills”. So more to the exotic Rwanda Gorilla safaris is the canopy walk-way in Nyungwe Forest national park. It hangs 60metres above the forest floor and stretches 90metres long. The canopy walk is an adventurous activity and offers stunning view of the forest park.

Set in the milieu of the southwestern part of the country is this immense evergreen Nyungwe Forest which shelters over 11 primate species like Chimpanzees. These are usually seen in tree canopies with pant-hooting calls during Chimpanzee tracking safaris in Rwanda. Similarly, the park is known for its nature walks and forest encounters like birding.

Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walk
Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walk

It is here in Rwanda, where you find Gold and Silver in one day and the following day you navigate the heterogeneous savannas for rare chances to capture the predator and prey showdown. The 433sq.mi Akagera national park in eastern Rwanda diversifies the safari activities and wildlife menu. It’s therefore a superb destination for viewing small and big mammals including the African Big Five. These have been restored bringing the country to the table of the “big boys” in the game. The park can be explored on boat cruises along Lake Ihema and safari game drives.

The 2,650 Kivu is an astonishingly vintage inland lake enclosed by steep and green terraced hills along the western part of the country. Three resort towns of Cyangugu, Kibuye and Gishenyi are situated along its shores and are connected by a wild roller-coaster road that somersaults through rich plantain fields and remnant patches of hazy rainforest to offer extensive views over the azure-waters with the nearby mighty Virunga in the north providing a spectacular backdrop.

There are various resorts which offer luxury leisure and romantic treats to vacationers and safari goers. Lake Kivu is a superb add-on after your Rwanda Gorilla trekking adventure, and various activities like boat cruises, kayaking, birding and mountain biking among others are available for your enjoyment.

But one thing that one on a safari in Rwanda would definitely want to learn more about, is the “dark past”. Its about the events that unfolded during the Genocide so, many sites like museums have been inaugurated such as the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Rwanda’s culture is woven in their local fabric and it is something you would love and enjoy experiencing. Ever heard of the Imigongo paintings?

Rwanda's Imigongo Paintings
Rwanda’s Imigongo Paintings

Experience the Land of a thousand hills’ beauty, a safari in Rwanda immerses you in the most compelling Gorilla trekking adventures, general wildlife and cultural tours. The ATW Holiday Africa curated safaris in Rwanda will evoke you spirit and love for Africa.

Our Rwanda destination safari experts will hand-craft your dream journey through this small but stunning country. Our knowledgeable local guides will show you the country and all its corners depending on your interests. Its situated in Eastern Africa and it combines well for people with more holiday time, and can therefore be explored in a circuit with Uganda, Tanzania or Kenya.

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