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Typically known for the word “safaris” on this planet, Africa is a must go place for safari adventures and the East Africanregion is one perfect spot to be. Africa brags about its conjugal share of wildlife attested by the annual, epic show of the Great Wildebeest migration of the Mara-Serengeti triangle. At Avens Travel World we help you plan any of your desired East African holiday style ranging from Luxury tented to Budget camping safaris, Fly-in to Seat on jeep African safari holidays, Honeymoon and Family holidays, Private to Group and/or joining safaristo highlight a few.

A safari in Africa is more of the unexpected bewildering moments and every safari is different, no moment is ever the same, imagine witnessing a scene of predator-prey showdown, bulls locking horns or having head to head fight for territorial dominance, a monkey jumping over 10meters from one canopy to another or a scene of tree Lions and Leopards lazing in tree branches; these and more moments define Africa.

Rooted in the East African nations of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania is diversity. Almost everything you can trace for else where in the heart of Africa is found in the region as well as having some interesting tourist attractions and experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. A safari in East Africa and Africa in general reminds you about the ancient times read about in history books, movies and documentaries,

Trailing through the communities to meet the remote and well-preserved tribes of Eastern Africa like the Masai, Karamajong nomads and Batwa,the San bushmen and Zulu of Southern Africa is an experience like no other.

The East African region is at the confluence of the West African jungle and East African savannas and at the far east, the plains flip into the India ocean to offer an array of experiences to holiday makers. On a single safari, the west (Uganda & Rwanda) can reward you with adventure and scene of Mountain Gorillas in their mountainous tropical rainforest, while the east of the region is the Big Game countries of Kenya and Tanzania where you have chance to witness the epic wildlife migration as well as climaxing your African safari with a relaxation along the palm fringed white-sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.

Because we know that your safari in Africa may be a once in lifetime experience, we don’t take chances, we put attention to every aspect to ensure your holiday is memorable.