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Wildlife Safaris in East Africa; Game drives| Walking safaris| Boat Safaris..

In Africa, the adventure and excitement of watching the wildlife can always start at the doorway or vicinity of your safari camp or lodge, highlighted by, for-example sighting of the African big game like Elephants a few meters away from the camp, and this is absolutely possible with the best and knowledgeable operator choosing for you the perfect place/camp to stay while on your African safari holiday. Game and other wildlife viewing safaris are possible almost in all national parks and protected reserves across East Africa.


The dream of making a safari or holiday to Africa comes with the desire to see the great game and wildlife the continent has to offer. The vast savanna plains of Eastern Africa which are protected as wildlife reserves and parks are known to host a number of wildlife species and most interestingly the African Big Five that is; Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Buffalos which are mostly sought-after by avid holiday makers.

Each of the wildlife and protected areas like national parks and game reserves across the region has (have) unique, similar or related activities and ways to witness the wildlife show in Africa, spanning from the traditional game drives in 4×4 safari vehicles, walking safaris, canoeing and boat trips to luxury flying and balloon safaris.

Walking Safari

For any type of activity, you would prefer to see the wildlife in Africa and East Africa in particular, the experience or activity will be led and/or manned by a professional guide who ensures you get the best out of it. Various trails and game trucks exist to navigate the wildlife reserves, the pace and time of the activities like game drives, nature walks or walking safari among others, is influenced by a number of factors like seasonality (wet and dry) which determine the nature of the terrain, pace and interests of the participants, the amount of time one has for holiday among others, some of which may be predictable and others not.

Certain wildlife viewing activities are perfect at or during specific seasons of the year or times of the day; for example, game drives are ideal during the early morning and late afternoon-evening hours, with possibilities of night game drives to see some unique species, boat or canoe trips for purposes of wildlife viewing in Africa would be ideal in the mid-morning and afternoon hours…as a DMC and operator crafting these experiences, one must be knowledgeable about all these aspects and Avens Travel World we are keen about this to ensure flawless adventures to vacationers.


Game Drive

A number of game/national parks and reserves across the East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania like; Masai-Mara, Serengeti, Selous, Amboseli, Tsavo, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire among others offer otherworldly and outstanding game and wildlife viewing safaris with other reserves like Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls in Uganda and Akagera in Rwanda following closely.