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Destination Uganda! Why a safari in Uganda?

"The Pearl of Africa"

As you approach it from above, taking in the aerial views and the moment you land at the Entebbe Airport with the backdrop of the world’s second largest fresh water lake the “Victoria” in the milieu, you will have no doubts that Uganda is truly an outstanding safari destination. You will come to agree that it’s indeed the “Pearl of Africa” as proclaimed by Winston Churchill. All your doubts will come to rest that a safari in Uganda is an absolute goal.

Uganda is an earth’s chef-d’oeuvre and a country gifted by nature. When Sir. Winston L.S Churchill; Britain’s twice Prime Minister, writer and army veteran visited in 1907, he was stunned by what he saw and referred to it as “the Pearl of Africa” in his book My African Journey”.

Uganda is a soothing African safari destination, tale and… more you can call it. Whatever your taste, preference or age bracket is, you will always have something to experience. You will have a story to share once you journey through this land of flawless beauty and adventures. Parents and Grand’s will always have a flashing syrupy memory to share with kids while at a breakfast or dinner table, kids will bring life to classroom during story time with an epic African moment to share….

Uganda is a land of immense safari adventures, diversity and remarkable beauty. Its where the 6’693km world’s longest mighty Nile river traverses its plains way north, and its flow is highlighted and punctuated by the dramatic-powerful Murchison Falls; a living testimony to the power of nature. These falls were described by Sir Samuel Baker as the most important object in the entire flow of the Nile river. The Murchison is a spot for the famous boat safaris that define a safari in Uganda.

Beyond just surviving, life has flourished in the Pearl of Africa. Its where the golden East African savannas meet the luxuriant West African jungle. Uganda is a safari destination where you trek through the amazing misty shrouded mountainous rainforest to get up close to the Mountain Gorilla- Great Apes, and the following day you browse the golden-yellow savannas to see the African Big game and climax your safari experience with a Nile river or Lake Victoria cruise.

The country’s evergreen forests shelter an impressive diversity of primates. Kibale Forest national park in western Uganda for example is home to an incredible number of primates in Africa. It has over 13 species and a density of over 1’500 Chimpanzees hence being referred to as the “World’s Primate Capital”

Kibale forest is Uganda’s top primate tracking safari destination and was regarded by the Wanderlust UK travel magazine as the best place to encounter the Chimps in the world.

Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest
Chimpanzee, a Great Apes member in Kibale Forest

Nevertheless the national parks of; Kidepo Valley tucked in the northeastern corner, Queen Elizabeth in the west and Murchison Falls at the northern Albertine rift region are great sites to explore on savanna safari drives. So these give you chance to watch the wildlife, with rare opportunities to capture the predator-prey show-down. It is in these savanna parks where on a Uganda safari, your pursuit of the traditional Big Five of Africa starts.

For those seeking to meet some of the primeval cultures of Africa, the eastern part of the country houses some of the greatest people like the Karamojong and Ike. There lifestyle is something to admire. Various activities like walks, hiking and bike riding are organized to explore this beautiful rustic region and learn about the locals and their environment. It is in this region you will encounter the nomads, traditional warriors, visit the Manyattas and East Africa’s largest traditional village/community and a lot more…

The mosaic of Uganda’s culture is worth a safari, and it takes in a complexity of experiences ranging from immersive tryouts like arts and traditional performances to passive ones like exploring cultural landmarks.

Uganda culture, Banana Plantain
Women Preparing Banana Plantain-Uganda Culture; Culinary Experiences

Uganda’s verdant eco-diversity, has contributed to its prolific birdlife. It’s the world’s smallest country among the nearly 20 countries whose bird-list hits the 1000+ mark.  This therefore makes it a birders hub and success-story. Every year, ornithologists and ardent birders camp around its popular and remote birding sanctuaries with their professional gears and gadgets to feast on the profusion of the country’s birdlife and display, and therefore if you’re looking for an intimate birdwatching African safari, Uganda is the ultimate answer.

African Blue Flycatcher birds of Uganda
African Blue Flycatcher birds of Uganda

The Rwenzori “Mountains of the Moon” in the west and Mount Elgon in the east of the country offer preternatural mountaineering adventurers. More so, its oodles of waterbodies make it a perfect place for wildlife and leisure cruises as well as adventures like the Nile river rafting, kayaking and tubing.

Uganda has a great appeal to every African holiday or safari enthusiast and can be explored in a single circuit with Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar and/or Rwanda.

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