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African Honeymoon Holidays

Savor the essence of Africa, enjoy your new love life with your partner on a romantic honeymoon getaway or safari in Africa. The East African region offers a wealth and variety of experiences to enjoy while on your honeymoon. There are various places, ranging from wildlife reserves, exhilarating ultra-luxe resorts… that will inspire you during your holiday.

Avens Travel World honeymoon holidays and experiences immerse you in the stylish luxury and private gorilla treks in Uganda and Rwanda, witnessing the great show of wildlife on Balloon safaris, candlelit dinners, bush breakfasts and lunch, private sundowner boat cruises, champagne receptions, welcome flower bouquet, petal laid beds and floors, fruit baskets, fly camping and fly safaris to mention a few.


The East African region holds some of the most dazzling and extraordinary experiences to honeymooners. While at the coast of Kenya and Tanzania, or the Island of Zanzibar, you will enjoy the splendor of the Indian ocean and its white sandy palm fringed beaches, have luxury and romantic treats at some of the resorts, enjoy the blue horizons or the golden eye of the universe while at the beach side or on a cruise along the azure waters of the Ocean.

Whether you are looking for just a passive experience i.e. simply relaxing in the wilderness or at a resort while on your honeymoon or if you’re looking at trying out and soaking yourselves in the bucket list of adventures that East Africa offers while on your honeymoon, you will truly be spoilt to the variety of choices available. Our honeymoon delights will make sure you get the pampering not common to a visitor on normal or ordinally safari.

Spread your wings over Africa on your new chapter with your loved one, whatever destination or country you decide to spend that quality time and develop or strengthen your intimacy, you will never go wrong. Each East African destination has compelling attributes to make your honeymoon a moment of splendor. From Rwanda where you enjoy the luxury gorilla treks and scenic helicopter flights to Uganda where you relax on a private Island amid the splendid waters of the Mighty river Nile or capture and enjoy the best honeymoon photoshoots while on the scenic wildlife boat cruises.


To capture the thrill of Africa’s Big Game (Five), the East African nations of Kenya and Tanzania are the ultimate goal, presenting opportune moments of watching the great spectacle of the wildlife migration to capturing the rare chances of predator-prey showdown and once-while captivating moments of a Cheetah raiding on top of your safari vehicle.

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