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For the past years of our service, at ATW Holidays Africa we have been able to establish some good connections with a number of accommodations. These include hotels and lodges among other facilities, so our negotiation skills are unquestionable. Whether you are on a leisure or business trip or whatever purpose you may be travelling for, the place where you will rest is very important. You need comfort and ambience, it must be a home away from home, it must equally give you that peace you enjoy while at home. Your travel plans will come to life when we take care of your accommodation bookings regardless of the purpose of your trip.

If you are on holiday or safari in Africa (East Africa), we know what the right place (hotel, lodge, apartment, camp…) to stay will be during your vacation. We book for you an accommodation that suits your budget and interest. For people on safari, we offer all-inclusive package rates, where we take care of every aspect of your safari package.

We accommodate all classes of travelers including up-market, medium, standard or on basic plans and we carefully select the brands or service providers we work with to ensure our clients have access to the best services.

Our rang of accommodation offering spans from the most luxury resorts, camps, lodges and hotels around East Africa to standard resorts.

We maintain direct contact with various accommodations in areas where we operate and also coordinate with various hotel-line servers. Our unrivalled negotiating skills give us access to the best rates in the market and that our clients are ensured of fair prices.