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The 241’038 Sq.km country lolls in the Eastern part of Africa, and its far-reaching beauty won it the proclamation and title tag “The Pearl of Africa”. The country is a land of transcendent beauty, and its roller-coaster scenery is soul healing and dreamlike. At a size that is almost that of United Kingdom, the country is an earth’s masterpiece. Uganda’s touristic impression takes in oodles of natural and cultural resources. This article gives you highlights about Uganda, the destination for safari in Africa.

The land locked country of Uganda enjoys a strategic location full of intriguing touristic beauty.  Being transition to the golden-yellow savannas of East Africa and the evergreen sometimes chilly West African forests, it’s surreal. Uganda therefore, is a superb destination to encounter both the forest and open-savanna species like the Great Apes; Chimpanzees and Gorillas and more so the African Big Five and other mammals.

Uganda shares its boarders with DRC in the west, Rwanda at the south-western edge, Tanzania in the south, Kenya in the east and South Sudan in the North.

Exploring Uganda on any African safari is intriguing. But apart from its wildlife, nature among other beauty, its welcoming people are an icing on the cake. The various values, beliefs and traditions which manifest in their way of doing things is what you would like to immerse in.


Key Facts about Uganda

Capital: Kampala
Population: 41.49M as of 2016- World Bank
Area: 241,038sq.km
Languages: English (official), Swahili and Luganda (common)
Major Religion: Christianity and Islam
Currency: Uganda shillings (UGX) with other common foreign being; USD, GBP and EUR
Dialing and country code: +256
Time Zone: +3GMT
Climate: Generally Tropical, the months of March to May and September to November being rainy seasons and the rest dry seasons. Mean annual temperatures range from 610F in the southwestern Highlands to 770F in the northwest. The northeast is usually hot with temperatures exceeding 860F.

Major Highlights in Uganda’s history

1894: During the reign of Kabaka Mwanga II, Buganda then (now Uganda) was declared a British protectorate. This was a result of 29th May, 1893 treaty between the Kabaka and British special Commissioner to East Africa; Gerald Herbert Portal.

1962: On 9th October, 1962 Uganda acquired her independence from Britain following the Lancaster Conference of 1961. A federalist constitution was put in place, and this made the then Kabaka of Buganda; Sir William Fredrick Edward Muteesa II the President of the new Republic. But he only had ceremonial status and Milton Obote was the Executive Prime Minister.

1966: The Mengo Palace was attacked on what is dubbed the cold night of 24th May, 1966. Troops led by Idi Amin on the orders of Prime Minister Milton Obote, surrounded and stormed the palace. This was followed by Kabaka; Muteesa II fleeing into exile so this then marked the beginning of Buganda crisis.

1967: In this year, Prime Minister Apollo M. Obote takes over power after imposing a new Republican Constitution. It made him the President of Uganda and then Kingdom systems were abolished.

1969: Kabaka of Buganda and former President of Uganda; Sir Edward Muteesa II dies in England. His body was later returned in 1971 by President Idi Amin after the overthrow of President Milton Obote’s government.

1971: The army commander Idi Amin seized power after overthrowing President Milton Obote who had gone to Singapore for a Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

1979:Idi Amin is ousted from power and fled into exile following an invasion by the Tanzanian forces and rebels.

1980: Uganda’s first popular general elections were held which saw M. Obote’s UPC claim power, and became Uganda’s president for the second time. But the election results received discontent from opposition claiming it was characterized by fraud, so in 1981, a bush war started.

1986: A 5year bush war comes to an end in January and the National Resistance Army [NRA] rebels claim power. They were led by Yoweri Museveni who is the current president of the Republic of Uganda.

Diversity and Tourism – Safaris in Uganda

Uganda ranks high on the list of some of Africa’s most diverse countries and tourist destinations. It’s a paramount and all-year round tourist destination with a huge appeal for culture and nature-based tourism.  It is a dream and must go destination for African Holiday makers, with lots of experiences to marvel while on a Uganda Safari.

The 241’038sq.km surface is enhanced by the presence of some of the world’s outstanding features like freshwater bodies. There’s the; Mighty River Nile which runs 6’650km north to the Mediterranean Sea, making it the world’s longest river. More to that is the 68’870sq.km Lake Victoria which is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Everything that you would expect to encounter anywhere else in Africa can be found while on safari in Uganda.

Cultural Tourism Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is a melting spot for cultural tourism, because of its rich cultural fabric that’s a center of attraction. The country has more than 40 indigenous tribal groups and each of these groups has a stronghold of traditions which form a robust tourism product.

Culture is a very important phenomenon in shaping humanity, and there’re various cultural resources on which tourism rotates both tangible and intangible aspects.

There’re various cultural tourism aspects, resources and attractions across different corners of the country. These therefore offer both passive and active experiences to travelers which one can simply witness or immerse in. In the far east and northeastern part of the country are the Karamojong pastoralists and nomad warriors whose lifestyle is fascinating.

Uganda’s cultural tourism product takes in a tapestry of experiences like, traditional dances and performances, culinary art, arts and crafts among others. Besides that, there’ are variety of historical and cultural landmarks one can explore on safari. These include sites like Kingdom palaces, museums, monuments and others like theatre.

Some of Uganda’s cultural highlights include the Buganda heritage trail, Karamajong nomad trail, and Batwa trail. ATW Holidays Africa is a tourism brand which will let you explore these treasures while on your safari in Uganda.

Nature and Tourism in Uganda

Uganda is cloaked in an abundance of nature and its therefore a reason early visitors (explorers) called it the “Pearl of Africa”. The country’s natural diversity spreads across every corner so there’s something in every corner to witness. The western part all way southwest is covered by an assortment of savanna species and tropical forests which are great catchment areas for primates like the Chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas. Further more are birds and other mammals like bush Elephants among others which find refugee in these vegetation zones.

Temperatures are generally moderate and at times cooler, from the western to the southwestern part as well as the central region. The northern part of the country has semi-arid climate and temperatures are usually higher.

The eastern to the far northeast are by far Uganda’s most adventurous region because of the remarkable share of adventure sites and untamed cultures. From hiking the Sipi falls and mount Elgon, to the Rafting and tubing adventures on the Nile river.

Because of its impressive eco-diversity, Uganda has a count of over 350 mammal species, 1’060 bird species and other wildlife. Most of these can be found in national parks, and wildlife reserves which can be explored by tourists while on safari game drives, nature walks or walking safaris.

Water bodies like Lake Victoria, Kazinga channel and the river Nile are ideal locations for the outstanding boat safaris conducted for purposes of scenery, wildlife viewing and excursions. So more to the country’s water adventures is the white water rafting, tubing and kayaking experiences on the river Nile.

The rewards of taking a safari in Uganda are more than just watching the wildlife. Furthermore to its experiences, Uganda is a destination you can call a second home. ATW Holidays Africa warmly welcomes you to the adventures.