“For Majestic Journeys and Holidays”

Awaken your spirit of adventure, immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring experiences, witness the beauty of East Africa unfold before you. Travel to create lasting impact through our handcrafted signature African journeys.

At the heart of all our business operations is passion and professionalism. We shall show you Africa more than you imagined through our holistic customized travel and tourism services across East Africa. We have a talented, hybrid, young and service-oriented steadfast team, ready to give you the value in travel.


Who We are and Our story.

ATW Holidays Africa is a brand name of Avens Travel World Ltd, an indigenous and privately owned travel company arranging Corporate travel and designing signature holidays across East Africa.

We are a company that’s growing over the years, from our modest beginnings as a family-run business to a brand recognized and certified nationally and internationally. We are a sustainable company and over the past years we have been able to engage in various activities which form basis of one of our founding principles; “social sustainability”. Till today, our eyes are still focused on the prize of creating a sustainable brand which designs memorable and life changing journeys around East Africa.

ATW was inspired by a social sustainable cause. The idea behind its birth was to set up a professional venture which could help its Founder sustain the foster children in her custody after some years of retiring from official work.

The lifeblood of the company is sustainability so its our mandate to promote sustainable journeys and operations. Our focus has broadened into using tourism to foster socio-economic development and empower grassroots communities through various projects like CBTs.

The reputation we have built is to offer each and every client of ours a personalized treatment and service as our personal guest- having started out as a family-run business.


Our product and why choose us?

We’re a one stop travel center, with profound knowledge about where we operate, which we’ve gathered over the years through continued learning, travelling and sending clients to those places. We craft topnotch safaris to the East African region. We bring life to your dream African safari holiday and it all starts with your first encounter with us!

All your dreams and aspirations will be tailored into a travel style of your choice. We listen, pay attention to detail and craft you a safari that will trigger your love and veneration for Africa.

We take you closer to the action in the wildlife reserves of Africa and immerse you in the heartwarming experiences of host destinations. The ultra luxury Gorilla adventures and helicopter tours of Rwanda; a country with an impressive evergreen mountain scenery, the mind-blowing annual show of the Wildebeest migration across the Mara-Serengeti triangle, the wildlife scenes in Ngorongoro, Tsavo and picturesque Murchison Falls, the fine dinning at some of the best camps and resorts among others.


Our Promise and best price Guarantee!

Whether you are a first-time traveler, nomad or an experienced one, well you are in right hands. Our team helps you have a hassle-free travel arrangement. They be with you from the moment you express your interest to travel to the moment you return home. Our destinations are not just places to wander or visit but places you can call home.

We guarantee you the best all-inclusive price in the market and give you value for your money. We don’t assure you of the cheapest offers on the market, but Guarantee you value for your investment in travel. We’re full-service operators so we take utmost care of every detail of your journey. From booking your flights to ensure you’re on time, and by this you’re 100% assured of avoiding long waits at airports, missed flights and delays.

If you’re booking your own flight, our consultant works closely with you so you book a flight with proper timings or one that does not overlap with a safari itinerary.

We employ the best real and on time GDS systems to keep track of your travel and be up to date with variations in schedules that may occur and we advise you or reschedule accordingly. This avoids you from the loses and mishaps of using online directories.


Our Customer Protection

Customer protection is one of the cores of our operation. Our clients  are protected by service provider default insurance, and on trips, clients are covered with AMREF Flying doctors Evacuation cover which is also in position to negotiate with your insurance service provider should anything go wrong.

We strongly recommend all our clients to purchase a travel insurance policy (vacation and/or medical plan) before a planned trip. No one would like to think about things that can go wrong on a trip, but these things can and do happen as Murphy’s law is an adage which says “if anything can go wrong, it definitely will”.



We carefully select and organize trips to destinations we know best so we’re always on search for new ideas, and mentorship of our team. Our range of tours cover the best and rewarding places including top National Parks and Game Reserves, dramatic sites and landscapes as well as encounters with traditional cultures and communities around East Africa.

Why Travel to East Africa?

East Africa is a summary of the African continent. It has an assortment of attractions ranging from the undulating golden yellow savannas spread with wildlife, the iconic wildlife migration of the Masai Mara-Serengeti triangle, where millions of Wildebeests are seen and heard striding and stampeding over the plains.

The exciting Gorilla trekking in Bwindi and the Virunga Massif and the boat cruises on the waters of the Great Lakes region. A vacation along the pristine palm fringed coastal beaches, to a broad honest smile of the Maasai tribesman and the welcoming people of the region; East Africa has it all.

Meet the traditional cultures of East Africa- A community in Karenga ; Northern Uganda

The Experience!

In East Africa, it is much more of the unexpected which spices your safari. The experience is more than witnessing the wildlife especially the Big Five or tracking the endangered Mountain Gorillas in their misty cloaked forest, to the unanticipated. More-so the bewildering moments of a monkey that raided your breakfast table or the one that stormed the window or balcony of your lodge.

But more to that are those moments of a baboon or cheetah popping on the roof of your safari vehicle. The contemplative experience of camping under the striking star-studded night sky of Africa. So all this reminds you about traditional Africa and the origins of the word safari!