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Magical Kenya! Immerse in the essence of a Safari

“The Land of the Maasai”

Notably East Africa’s country whose tally of wildlife reserves and parks is rivaled by no other. The safari destination of Kenya is a land of immeasurable diversity, mainly famous for its crispy Big Five safari encounters common in most of its wildlife reserves and national parks. You wonder why Kenya is a popular African safari and holiday destination, hey, It’s the father and pioneer of modern-day safaris. The Swahili nation is known for its far-reaching in-land and coastal beauty in an immaculate setting. So if you’re imagining what will highlight your safari in Kenya or what could be the highlights of a Kenya holiday? Guess we put your imaginations to rest.

The wealth of African safari experiences offered by Kenya range from the unmatched seat on car safari game drives as you browse the undulating plains of golden savanna parks. The walking safaris that get you up-close to wildlife and nature, hiking adventures to romantic getaways at some of the most celebrated resorts of Africa like in Mombasa and Diani.

At 580’367, Kenya boasts of varied populations of wildlife striding across its savanna plains. Its a country of untold wealth of safari destinations, most of which are protected as wildlife reserves, offering undisputed experiences to travelers. All the way from modern day cities like Nairobi, to the remote countryside, it is wildlife showtime. Not so many places or destinations in Africa can offer such safari moments like Kenya.

The country’s major drawcard is the Masai Mara, whose rise to fame is attributed to the annual Wildebeest (Wildlife) migration. Hundreds of thousands of these wildlife creatures cross the plains from and into Tanzania’s Serengeti across the Mara river and seen in Kenya’s Mara around August to October. Other national parks like Amboseli that’s known for the huge Elephant herds and Samburu reserve are great destinations to encounter the wildlife jewel of Kenia.

Tsavo which is Kenya’s oldest and biggest national park, strides south of the country kissing Tanzania’s boarder and its bisected into Tsavo East and West. It is dubbed “Theater of the Wild” because of its great show of the African Big Five.

So more of the experiences to behold in this beautiful country take in; hand feeding of the Giraffes, adopting orphaned Elephants as well as balloon safaris taken at dawn signing them off with champagne bush breakfasts, and in the afternoon or the next day you relax at the white sandy beaches of the East African coast.

Everywhere in Kenya, it is always time for adventure. Safari starts from the door way of your wilderness camp or just a few minutes while at the back of your safari vehicle. From the capital of Nairobi, the spirit of adventure keeps on calling, way into the far-reaching wilderness of the countryside. Even one with limited time, you can explore much, because the country is seamlessly connected by a developed transport system. Its composed of an assortment of road network and domestic flights.

Yet there is more to the country than its stunning wildlife, furthermore, there is the great culture with the famous Maasai people clad in colorful shukas and known for their fascinating lifestyle. Meeting these Maasai indigenous people while on a Kenya safari is one of the life changing moments that define Africa’s infinity experiences. While at the coast, you discover the Swahili culture and the relics of Fort Jesus. Experience a different safari every day.

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