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We make arrangements for Airline reservations and ticketing for various purposes. At ATW Holidays Africa and Avens Travel World; an IATA accredited Agency, you will find competitive deals for your airline travel needs. Regardless of your air travel requirements, we are at least 90% equipped to ensure that we address them. So we make air travel arrangements for those traveling for purposes like business and leisure.  Our team of consultants is equipped with up-to-date complex and erudite knowledge to match your request.

As a Travel and Destination Management Company, we work with various domestic, regional and international airlines, to ensure we address the travel needs of all our clients. We make domestic and regional airline reservations for connecting travelers on safaris or holidays around East Africa and Africa in particular. We as well issue tickets for international flights with services like STPC (hotels) for the connecting passengers, limousine services and much more.

Our Avens Travel World Ltd team is your airline ticketing and service agents. There’s a dedicated team ready to handle any of your complex requirements. They’re conversant with pocket friendly fares to various destinations around the world. This enables our clients to save up a penny leading them to “wallet lite traveler goal.”

The consultants are reliable and available 24/7 in case of any emergency thus no client can go un attended to. They are therefore always with you from the moment you express your interest to travel till your journey ends. So we have all-inclusive rates for holidaymakers, and employ the best reservation system to ensure real- and on-time service delivery.