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Best African Luxury Safaris and Vacation Packages

The sheer opulence of the African wilderness, the flamboyant resorts along the coast, inland lakes and islands have made East Africa and Africa in general popular for luxury safaris and holiday experiences. So at ATW Holidays Africa, we painstaking design for you a dream luxury journey you will never forget.

A number of African luxury safari camps, lodges and hotels have futured in popular travel journals and magazines like the Conde Nast Traveller among others. Because of Africa’s resource base, its wealth of wildlife and activities which’re sought-after by modern day discerning luxury African safari and holiday makers, these’ve attracted a number of luxury brands from around the world.


At ATW Holidays Africa, we make sure you enjoy the best of luxury on a safari which East Africa offers. So we let you immerse and indulge your senses in the stately and heavenly escapades around the most celebrated and remote secluded wilderness destinations and resorts. We let you enjoy and feel the essence of the East African plains and the intoxicating resorts in the most stylish way possible.

After a day of adventurous activities like game drives, intimate walking or cultural safari which get you close to nature and people respectively, you relax at the end of the day in and at the luxury of your safari camp.

There’s a variety of international, regional and local luxury brands in the respective East African countries whose beauty incorporates local and western style features. Popular destinations both resorts and wildlife parks like Zanzibar and Diani, Serengeti, Masai-Mara and Volcanos national park are some of which have the most luxury accommodations across East Africa.


East Africa has a wealth of untamed luxury African experiences, the champagne receptions, the delighting bush breakfasts, the candlelit dinners set up under the star-studded skies, the luxury fly-camp safaris, the fly and helicopter safaris to mention a few. So our luxury East African safari tours and holidays immerse you in the finest and personalized services, best cuisines and wines, fine dining among other experiences.

The luxury East Africa safari holidays and journeys we arrange designed by fully accredited and professional destination experts. We look forward to welcoming you on a journey of a life time.

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