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East African Photography Journeys; Uganda| Kenya| Tanzania| Rwanda

Our photography journeys and safaris to East Africa will lead you to some of the most captivating places and moments to treasure across the region. That one most intriguing and perfect way to remember the thrill of a destination you been to is through photography. Regardless of whether you are a professional or beginner, photography demands one to be patient and have passion for what they are doing.


Photo Credit: Chem Chem lodge  –  Photography

It is an individual quest that calls for such qualities from a participant while field guides and leaders of the photography journeys and safaris have to be knowledgeable and possess basic skills about the activity, ranging from understanding the nature and behavior of the subject under focus, be able to predict the condition of the environment.

At Avens Travel World ltd, we craft and customize photography safaris and tours across East Africa, we only conduct customized private and small group photography journeys that match the interests of the participants. The pre-set itineraries that exist in our manuals or sites only serve as a guide and are adjusted to match the interests of the client. The East African region has a wealth of subjects that may be of attention or interest to photographers; from the otherworldly and brooding landscapes, the fascinating people and cultures like the Maasai of Tanzania and Kenya, Karamojong’s of Uganda, Mundari of South Sudan among others, to the extraordinary wildlife like the Mountain Gorillas and moments like Wildebeest Migration of Mara-Serengeti, any enthusiastic photographer who makes it to the region can never go wrong.


Photo Credit: African Amini Life – Masaai People

What to know & expect from our photography journeys.

We go that extra mile to make sure you maximize the best out of your time while on the photography safari. We take you to the right places, put you right at the center or edge of action and also match you with the right guide depending on your interest. How we run these safaris is different from the normal or other ordinary safaris, we dedicate more time to most activities to ensure you capture those big highlights and small details of the places you visit.

What is your focus or interest? Whatever the interest or focus of your photography journey or safari is, we will recommend and take you to the right place, for example, if your interest is the African Big Five, you have a greater certainty that the places we shall recommend or take you, (with advice from our expert destination guide); that you will be able to get what you are looking for. On these safaris, you may need to camp in a place for some good time to capture those moments that may not be usual or common on a normal safari.

As well, if culture, landscape or scenery is/or are your interest, we know where to recommend or you may be knowing or knowledgeable about where you want to go and we help you on organizing your ultimate journey.

Photographing the Mountain Gorillas & other primates: If you are planning a photography safari of the Great Apes i.e. the Gorillas and Chimpanzees, there are strict guidelines you must be acquainted with before your planned safari and we definitely keep you aware of them prior to your holiday with us. Usually for such kind of safaris or activities like primate tracking; visitors are allowed a limited time in the presence of these primates and a such it may offer less opportunity for one to capture those favorite shots.


On a Gorilla or Chimpanzee safari, visitors are allowed a maximum of 1 hour in their presence, in some instances, this may be enough time and in the others not, reason being Gorillas for example are naturally shy and in most cases you might find a difficult time to see them in a clear open to take those cool shots and sometimes it may be because of the excitement you may get on seeing them that you fail to settle for those epic shots, that is why we most times recommend a double Gorilla tracking experience and this will give you a mega 180minutes (1 hour per day for 2 days) in-front of these Great Apes.

What mode of transport to be used and group sizes? Depending on which destination or country to be/go for your photography tour or the type of activity that one will take part in during the pursuit i.e. game drive, nature walk or boat safari among others, these will determine the features of the transport mode to use and the group size, for example if you are going to photograph on a game drive, we use 4×4 safari vehicles (land cruisers) with pop-up roof or open sides which ensure that each of the participants has a 3600 view of the surrounding.


Photo Credit: Chem Chem lodge – Open sided safari jeeps for photography

For the most common types of vehicles to be used in some destinations like Uganda, they are closed safari vehicles with pop-up roofs and for the maximum number of people we can accommodate on board will be 4-5 to ensure that each of the participant is entitled to a window seat. In destinations of Tanzania and Kenya, open-sided vehicles are available to ensure you don’t miss any beat of the action.

For certain activities like boat safaris, these at most times may be shared with other visitors, however, prior arrangements can be made for private use and hires and this is highly recommended because you get chance to determine the pace of the activity.

What time would be best for a photography journey? If you are wondering what time would be perfect for a photography safari in East Africa, please know that photography is possible all-year round and it depends on the interests of the photographer because various seasons in Africa or East Africa in particular have various attributes, for example if your are a birder and looking to shot migrant species, the perfect time would be November to April or for those looking for more intimate and seclusive experiences or places, the low season would be perfect time to travel.

All in all, what you must know when planning that photography journey is that there’s no perfect time, each presents its ultimate experiences and depends upon the interests of the photographer, therefore we as destination experts will be able to advise.

To discuss or plan your upcoming photo journey and safari, please reach us on any of our contact or schedule a meeting with us and one of our consultants will be able to get in touch with you.