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Avens Travel World is a highly corporate social tourism enterprise that was born out of the inspiration and love for social good. The motivation to start ATW in June/ 2018 by its pioneer and CEO Sylivia S. Namukasa Ms was her desire to setup a venture that could help her raise funds and sustaining her cause of taking care of the needs of the children under her care after some years of retiring from work.

Though Avens Travel World was born out of the desire and love for social impact and good, it is a profit-making tourism enterprise, which part of the profits are used for the various social causes while rest of the profits are re-invested back in the business to sustain its activities.

ATW is run by a team of professional travel and tourism consultants, certified both internationally by Associations like IATA & UFTAA and nationally like Uganda Tourism Board (UTB).

The company has survived the hailstorm of the unprecedented novel corona virus and continues to carry forward its mandate. Our main social objective is, “to use tourism to drive positive social and economic impact to society”. We therefore have established relationship with organizations in some areas of Uganda i.e. Maria Rosa Mystica (MRM) in Katwe, Thuyilweko Women Empowerment Organization (TWEO) in Kasese and Missionary of the Poor- Kampala which NGOs promote the social welfare of Orphans, Homeless, Women, Child-mothers, People with Disabilities etc.

As ATW, through our Corporate Social Responsibility, we extend support to these organizations, we have designed different programs (packages) “Safaris for Charity” where visitors intending to make a holiday can take or spend a day or more and visit one or two of these homes (organization) before or after their wildlife, cultural, adventure…safari.  60% of the revenue or profits from these packages is intended to support these social organizations and our goal is to have at least one organization in every region of Uganda that we can support.

We do organize fundraising and outreach programs in collaboration with various organizations, where we identify areas/communities, households or people with various needs and extend desirable support to them.


Briefly about the NGO

Maria Rosa Mystica is a Non-Governmental Organization located in Western Uganda, Kasese District- in Katwe, Kabatoro town council. It was founded on the 13th July, 2009 by the late Sr. Justine Kabataizibwa Amooti who passed away on the 13th July, 2021 at the age of 54 due to the novel corona virus, leaving the home under the responsibility and in the hands of a 20yr old Sr. Annet Kunihira, a granddaughter.

MRM offers home to the elderly, abandoned, orphans, a few people with special needs like the PWDs. The home offers care to the various people it has ranging from medical care, clothing, education, food among others which basically come from people of good heart inform of donations.

Among some of its other activities is outreach programs which include visits to people in neighboring communities, patients in hospitals.

There are over 20 people/ residents at the organization, including 6 who are elderly and some of whom leaving with disabilities, the rest of the number accounts to boys and girls.

The mandate or purpose of the organization is to provide home/shelter to the homeless and food and through its outreach programs, it extends support where possible to people in the neighborhood who are vulnerable.

During a 2 nights visit (Sep/2022) to the home by one of our staff and well-wisher from the Netherlands, we discovered there’s need for renovating the houses that offer shelter especially to the elderly, food especially rich in balanced diet, clothing and other aspects of life. Contact us to visit or donate to the home…


Briefly About the Organization

TWEO is a local Non-Governmental Organization found in Kasese District in the western part of the country. It is principally a women organization with an Aim of creating “a society where children, youth and women live a happy, healthy and economically productive life”. It mainly focuses on the needs of the women most especially the vulnerable one’s such as the young mothers (girls who have dropped out of school due to early and unwanted pregnancies), those that drop out of schools due to lack of feminine hygiene products, school fees, early marriages among other factors.

The NGO with the little resources it has, it imparts them (girls and women) with important skills like liquid soap making, weaving, art crafts, sweater knitting and other skills, and the products made help them raise funds to earn some living.

TWEO works in partnership with the public and civil society organizations to empower individuals, families and communities within Kasese through the promotion of innovative solutions in the areas of entrepreneurship skills, human rights, sanitation and hygiene, sexual and reproductive health rights as well as social and behavioral change.

They do have an aim of sending back the girls to school, setting up their own premises with a home for the vulnerable…

Through our (Avens Travel World) CSR programs, we partner with various individuals, organizations and NGOs to drive the social-economic impact that we can using tourism through our various initiatives. Plan a sustainable journey or holiday to Africa, leave a long-standing impact with one of our safaris for charity.