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Discover the Robust Cultures of East Africa

The fusion of cultures in East Africa make it a premier destination for those African safari holiday makers who seek for more intimate cultural experiences that define the destinations they visit. The east African region with countries of Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania has some of the most interesting people and cultural groups.  They’re custodians to some of the most intriguing  cultural values, beliefs and practices.

While most of the tourist traffic congregates to the intoxicating resorts and wildlife destinations around the region, the East African cultural safaris and experiences have their own share to the modern day travelers who continue to look for unique and authentic experiences.

Whether you’re planning an African safari to immerse in the cultural and local fabric or just witnessing the locals go about their daily life, East Africa has you covered.

Maasai Dances ATW Holidays Africa
Maasai Dances Photo by Africa Amini – Maasai lodge

The East African cultural tourism product is diversified by a number of cultural resources and activities from traditional day antiques or relics to modern day values, aspects and inauguration centers like museums. However, what would define the true character of a destination is that off-the-beaten intimate experience with locals such as taking part in a traditional ceremony, dance or festival or even pitching a tent to camp with the locals.

At ATW Holidays Africa, our cultural safaris across East Africa also include Community Based Experiences where tourists get chance to immerse themselves in the practices of the host community. Our cultural programs will let you learn or experience something new. From the culinary arts involved in preparing traditional cuisines to taking on art lessons and much more.

Close to Uganda and Tanzania is Rwanda, a country known for its unique art form of the Imigongo paintings made by women, using cow dung. This small and stunningly beautiful country’s cultural and historical heritage takes in the impressive dance known as the “intore” while there are various sites like museums such as the Genocide Memorial that have been inaugurated to let people know about the events that unfolded during the 100 days of genocide in 1994.

Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya are perfect destinations for those seeking to meet the adorable cultures and people of Africa. These three countries are destinations of unmatched cultural diversity within the region, the various Ethnic groups and /or tribes each has a unique heritage to showcase and for visitors to experience.

The Maasai cultural group spread across Kenya and Tanzania is one of Africa’s most celebrated group and sought-after by those keen on taking a cultural safari to Africa, their lifestyle and traditional performances are desired by fervent holiday makers.

The beautiful historical towns and costs of East Africa, from Mombasa in Kenya, Zanzibar, Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania among others have a mix of desirable cultures and history to share with the outside world, visitors who would like to witness and learn about traditional Africa are spoiled to choices. You will savor the delights of the coastal and historical towns of Zanzibar and Mombasa, and with the perfect timing, you may get the chance to socialize with the locals on occasional/ annual festivals and cultural celebrations.


The eastern and northeastern part of Uganda (Karamoja region) on the other hand has a unique and experiential cultural tourism product where you get to witness and enjoy the life of a traditional nomad and local people. The landscape of the region offers preternatural adventures where one would hike to encounter some groups that reside in these mountain areas. There are opportunities for camping with the locals, taking on biking adventures, experiencing the nomad and pastoral lifestyle during one of your cultural safari. Much more to that is the one of East Africa’s largest traditional village.

Whatever your desire would be, whether actively or passively enjoying these cultures, the region has got you covered, our journey and African safari experts will craft your tastes into one fine itinerary and most of our cultural safaris are one perfect way of ensuring locals benefit from tourism as majority of activities are conducted by local guides who know their places better.

More to our African cultural safaris is the community based tourism programs where tourists have the opportunity to visit host communities, camp in or enjoy local homestays, participate in day-to-day activities and this is also one of our ways to use tourism to empower grassroots communities around the region.

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