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14 Days Uganda Shoebill Birding And Chimpanzee Tour

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Package Overview

The Shoebill Stork is one of the commonly pursued bird by profound birders and those who find African| Uganda birding safaris worthwhile. On this 14-Days Shoebill Uganda Birdwatching and Chimpanzee tour package, you will search for this bird in the country’s marshes.

The Shoebill Stork also known as the “Whale-headed” Stork, is a pre-historic looking bird species. Its a rare type of bird which mainly spends most of its time in marshes around Africa. The Shoebill is commonly found in Eastern Africa as well as South Sudan and Zambia and therefore Uganda is a perfect spot for any birding trips intended to see it.

The Shoebill Stork has a global estimate of less than 10,000 individuals (3’300 – 5’300 adults according to IUCN). It’s a hard to miss bird on a Uganda birdwatching safari for keen birders. The Shoebill is one of the most interesting type of birds that was pointed out by the African Bird Club for one to lookout for while on a birding safari in Uganda.

You will navigate the marshes commonly known for hosting the Shoebill in Uganda during this birding safari. Since it usually dwells in wetlands, you will spend most birding time on water streams, using motorized canoes and boats. So on this safari you will navigate Mabamba wetland on the shores of Lake Victoria near Entebbe. Lugogo swamp in Zziwa Rhino sanctuary, the Victoria Nile in Murchison Falls national park at the Delta, River Semliki and Lake Albert in Semliki Wildlife Reserve.

Other bird species will also be sighted on this Shoebill birding safari tour package. Uganda is an absolutely amazing ornithologists and avian destination anyone planning a birdwatching trip should look out for.


Note: Welcome to the Birders Paradise! Meet and Greet with our guide on the day you arrive at the airport. He will then transfer you to your overnight accommodation in Entebbe.

Overnight (o/n): Hotel No.5 (Luxury)/ Admas hotel (Mid-range)/ Airport view Guesthouse(Basic); Bed & Breakfast

To have a successful birding experience, you need to start the day very early before sunrise and also in the evening hours. Its the best times to see birds as they leave and return to their nests. Also most species are usually active before afternoon hours and as the sun-sets.

Package Itinerary

Leave the hotel very early after breakfast and transfer to Kasanjje Village at Mabamba wetland for a morning Shoebill birding session. This papyrus fringed wetland that is seated at the edge of Lake Victoria hosts a number of bird species (over 200) and its Uganda’s premier Shoebill birding site classified as an IBA (Important Bird Area).
You will explore the wetland on a motorized boat/canoe paddled by local skipper who knows every corner. Expect to see other species like Long-toed Lapwing, African Jacana, Goliath and Purple Herons, Pied Kingfisher, Slender-billed Gull, and Spur-winged Goose among others.
Birdwatching here lasts about 2 hours, afterwards, travel to Ziwa Rhino sanctuary in Nakasongola, along the route to Murchison Falls national park.

Meal Plan: Half Board [HB];
O/night: Amuka safari lodge (Midrange) /Ziwa Guesthouse (Basic)

Today you go Shoebill birding within the marshes of Lugogo swamp. The day starts very early at 6:00 am, then you browse the swamp on a motorized boat, searching for the Shoebill Stork hunting in the marshes and the morning is also a perfect time to enjoy the beauty and wellness of the African sunrise.
Other birds you may come across include; the White Crested Turaco, Giant Kingfisher, African Pygmy Kingfisher, Sacred Ibis, Yellow-billed Shrike, and many others.
Have a lunch break in the afternoon, later take embark on a Rhino tracking experience in the wilds of Ziwa with the aid of a ranger.

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]: O/night: Amuka safari lodge (Mid-range) /Ziwa Guesthouse (Basic).

Depart Ziwa sanctuary after breakfast, travel to Budongo forest reserve. Today birding will be in the environs of Budongo; an Ironwood and Mahogany forest. Birdwatching will be done along the Royal Mile, a trail commanding great scenery of the trees lining along, with towering canopies shrouding the top part of the pathway. You will encounter lots of bird species like; Blue-throated Roller, Lemon-bellied Crombec, Black-capped Apalis, Chocolate –backed Kingfisher and others.

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]
O/night: Paraa Safari lodge (Luxury) /Murchison River lodge (Midrange) /Budongo Eco lodge (Basic).

Today you will go birding at the Nile Delta in Murchison falls national park. After breakfast, transfer to Paraa very early, where you will set off for a launch trip along the Nile, heading downstream to the Delta point. This is a prime spot for the Shoebill Stork, there are lots of other species that may be seen such as; Goliath Heron, Great Egret, African Fish Eagles, Denham’s Bustard, Palm-nut Vulture, and many other wetland migrants.
In the afternoon, you will enjoy a game drive within the northern section of the park, where you will be able to see birds especially those that dwell in the savanna grasslands.

Expect to see the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Grey Crowned Crane, Helmeted Guinea fowl, Black-headed Lapwing and others. There’s variety of big and small game which you will see like the; Rothschild’s Giraffe, Cape Buffalos, African Elephant, Jackson’s Hartebeests, Dik Diks and others.

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]:
O/n: Paraa Safari lodge (Luxury) /Murchison River lodge (Midrange) /Budongo Eco lodge (Basic).

Today after breakfast, you will go for an early birding session along the Nile on a launch cruise upstream to the bottom of the falls. You will see various bird species lined on the cliffs and in the marshes on the shores, as well as other wildlife like reptiles and mammals on this voyage, the cruise will culminate into the frontal display of the bottom of the falls.
You will then visit top of the water falls where the Nile river crushes through a small gorge producing a thunderous sound and somersaulting into a pool, producing a misty spray.
Afterwards, depart southwards of the park to Hoima where you will be for your overnight.

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]: O/night: Bugoma Jungle lodge (Mid-range) /Miika Eco- Resort hotel (Basic)

Depart Hoima after breakfast then travel southwest-wards to Semliki national park where you will arrive in the early afternoon hours. You will have a lunch break then go for and evening birding session within Semliki national park. Seated at the steamy floor of the rift valley, this park is home to over 430 bird species including the Albertine Rift Endemics like the; Dwarf Honey-guide and Purple-breasted Sunbird as well as species with limited range like the White-tailed Hornbill, Capuchin Babbler, Blue-headed Crested Flycatcher and Orange Weaver. You may spot other species like Piping Hornbill, Great Blue and Ross’ Turaco among others, Semliki is referred to as the birders paradise. Retire at the lodge for dinner and overnight.

O/night: Semliki Safari lodge (Luxury) /Rwetera Safari Park (Basic). Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]

You start off the day very early with breakfast then hit the great and immense vegetation cover of this jewel of a reserve on a birding experience. The varied habitats make Semliki national park a great birding site with various species including the Shoebill Stork around the wetlands near Lake Albert. Most of the birdwatching in Semliki will be done on foot/ nature walks.
You will also visit the park’s famous attractions, the male and female hot springs on a 1 to 2 hours trail which also rewards one with sightings of primates like Olive Baboons and others.

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]: O/n: Semliki Safari lodge (Luxury) /Rweter Safari park (Basic)

Today after breakfast, you will depart to Kibale forest national park, you will have a lunch break then prepare for an afternoon session of Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale. You will meet with the ranger guide who will take you through briefing about the Chimpanzee tracking etiquette, then enter the forest for a 2-3hour primate experience. You will come across various primates apart from the Chimps. Later transfer to the lodge where dinner and overnight will be.

Meal Plan: Full Board (FB):
O/night: Crater lodge (luxury)/ Primate lodge (Mid-range)/ Kibale Forest Camp (Standard)

Have a leisurely breakfast, then go for a simple crater field walk where you will explore the various crater lakes of the greater Fort Portal region. Trails will lead you past beautiful winding landscapes and local communities. The backdrop of the region calls for some of the most outstanding Kodak moments in the “Pearl of Africa”. The activity lasts about 3-4hours, then return to the lodge for lunch and relaxation.

Meal Plan: Full Board (FB):
O/night: Crater lodge (luxury)/ Primate lodge (Mid-range)/ Kibale Forest Camp (Standard)

Departure to Queen Elizabeth national park after breakfast, through the beautiful countryside with sights of the rugged Rwenzori Mountains running through the background. Have a lunch break on arrival at the lodge and in the afternoon, you will go for a stunning launch cruise along the Kazinga channel where you will see lots of wildlife species along the shores and within.

Meal Plan: Full Board [FB]:
O/night: Elephant Plains lodge (Luxury) /Buffalo Safari lodge (Midrange) /Twin-lakes lodge (Standard).

Today after an early breakfast, you will go for an exquisite birdwatching experience around the environs of Queen Elizabeth national park. Navigate the area around Lake Kikorongo, an extension of Lake George and it is also known for sightings of the Shoebill Stork. The wetland protects lots of bird species like; Sacred Ibis, Black Crake, Yellow Wagtail, Greater and Lesser Swamp Warbler and it is a Ramsar Site.
After a lunch break, you will enjoy a safari drive within the park, on which you will be able to see lots of wildlife including mammals as well as birds in the undulating golden savanna plains. Retire for the night at the lodge.

O/night: Elephant Plains lodge (Luxury) /Buffalo Safari lodge (Midrange) /Twin-lakes lodge (Standard). Meal Plan: Full Board.

After breakfast, you will depart Queen Elizabeth for Lake Mburo national park where you arrive in the mid-morning hours. You will check-in at the lodge, have a lunch break and in the afternoon, you will go for a launch cruise on which you will see various wildlife species and birds. Afterwards, you will return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

O/night: Mihingo Safari lodge (luxury)/ Rwakobo Rock (Mid-range)/ Arcadia lodge (Standard). Meal Plan: Full Board (FB)

Today after breakfast, you will go for a morning birdwatching session on lake Mburo, you will spot various species and the aim will be to see the Shoebill stork that can be viewed at most times along the shores and in the marshes.
In the afternoon, you will go for a game drive after lunch. You will explore various areas around the park and different species of wildlife will be encountered most especially the herbivores. Return to the lodge later where dinner and overnight will be.

O/night: Mihingo Safari lodge (luxury)/ Rwakobo Rock (Mid-range)/ Arcadia lodge (Standard). Meal Plan: Full Board (FB)

Depart Mburo after breakfast, visit igongo cultural museum for a palate of the Ankole-African culture. Later hit the road on the journey back to Kampala, breaking off en-route at the equator for lunch and a simple water try out plus kodak moments. Continue with the journey to Kampala and drop off will be at the airport in Entebbe for your flight or drop at the hotel.

Meal Plan: Breakfast and Lunch. End of Safari

Note: * Tour Starts and Ends in Entebbe || * Book flights departing EBB after 2000hrs


*Park entrance fees and All activity fees unless labeled as optional

*Professional English-Speaking guide/driver

*Ground Transportation in a 4×4 safari vehicle

*Round trip Airport /Hotel transfers

*Accommodation on day of Arrival (Bed & Breakfast) and During the Safari

*Drinking mineral water in the car

*Necessary Government VAT’s

*AMREF Evacuation cover


*Tourist Visa fees (visa can be arranged on request)

*Post Tour Accommodation (can be arranged on request if necessary)

*International Airline ticket (arranged on request)

*Tips, Gratuities and any expenses of personal nature

*Personal Travel insurance.


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