The Remarkable Gorilla Trekking Uganda Experience

For a very long time, you might have heard of the Mountain Gorilla or Gorilla trekking Uganda safaris, hey know this, trekking or tracking the mountain Gorillas ranks among Africa’s premier wildlife encounters and among the world’s best. It should be on the bucket list of your upcoming African safari Holiday or Uganda safari. Reputable tour operators like ATW Holidays Africa curate exquisite Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Tracking the world’s largest Apes and the subsequent encounter with them makes you emotional. You can have a lifetime and life changing experience taking part in these Gorilla safaris.

Prior to your Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, you truly do not know what is in store. You may hear the climb could be simple, respectably testing, or horrendous. You could have heard the roads are all right and dreadful. Furthermore, you may have heard blended sentiments on the experience also regarding whether it merits the cost to go through an hour watching the gorillas.

Let us have some facts about Gorilla tracking in Uganda, to clear some misconceptions about the expedition.


When it is ideal to book a Gorilla tracking safari in Uganda. 

Preceding your gorilla trekking Uganda safari, your thought on this could be that it is ideal to book as ahead of schedule as could be allowed, which is recommended. However, during the visit, you would be astounded to discover that you can at times get permits near your flight date, though this could be risky but possible during off-season months.

You could book the least; four months in advance to make sure that you do not have any issue getting a permit. Gorilla trekking as earlier noted is one of Africa’s premier wildlife experiences, permits usually sell out very early and securing a permit may be required as early as possible. Important to note is that Gorilla tracking isn’t a form of mass tourism and therefore only limited to a small group of people to track a particular gorilla family in a day.

There are currently about 120 Gorilla permits in a day for both Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mghinga Gorilla parks with only eight permits issued to track a specific group of gorillas and each group is tracked once a day. This presents a touch of direness for those hoping to appreciate a movement that is turning out to be increasingly more famous throughout the years.

Gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable forest are possible all-year-round with the low season months of March, April, May and October being the advisable months for one to book a permit since their demand isn’t high during this time. However, one shouldn’t worry about the peak month’s availability if preparations are made earlier in advance.

In Mgahinga, Gorilla trekking is not an all year round activity and as such, permits are fixed due to the seasonal movements of the gorillas across Uganda and Rwanda.


The Uganda Gorilla tracking permit fee

Uganda is home to nearly 50% of the Mountain Gorilla population among the three nations which these Great Apes call home. It is an incredible decision and the expense is likewise the best parity for you. The majority of the fees go towards conservation to make possible for the endangered species to have a safe living. Effective July 1st 2024 the cost of a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda is increased by 100 USD from 700 USD for Foreign Non-Residents. The gorilla permit fees for Ugandan nationals and East Africans will cost 300’000 Ugandan Shillings, 500 Usd for the Rest of Africa and 700 for Foreign Residents in Uganda. After extensive consultations, the Uganda Wildlife Authority came to a decision to make slight increase in the gorilla permit fees.


What Do You Wear While Hiking? 

A Gorilla trekking Uganda safari is a worthwhile experience described differently by everyone who takes the time and effort to take on the challenge. It could be a simple, dry encounter or a wet, sloppy one as you trek through the misty mountain forest all the way to the area where the gorillas may be residing. During your trek, it is ideal to wear the accompanying:

* Hiking (waterproof) Boots

*Thin/ light, Water Resistant Pants

*Sweat Proof/Water Resistant Long-Sleeve Shirt

*A Waterproof Wind/Rain Jacket

*A Hat/Cap

*Insect repellant



How long is the Gorilla trekking Uganda adventure?

Presently, this is the precarious part. How long does it takes to meet the gorillas when you’re on your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda?

This is a hard one to discuss, since gorillas are wild creatures they’re sometimes on a move, and can cover a reasonable distance in a moderately brief timeframe. There’re various factors which will determine how long it will take you to see the gorillas while on a trek into the forest. Some visitors can meet a group minutes from leaving the path while others can take several hours (about 6-8).

Gorillas usually build new nests everyday where they spend the night. Every day trackers head into the forest before the visitors, at about 6 AM to discover the families by trying to find where they built their nests and afterwards report to the officers and rangers that go with you on where to discover them and once you meet the gorillas after a simple or long trek depending, you are allowed one hour in their presence and this is your best chance to capture some of the best moments in Africa.

So how long it takes to track the gorillas will depend on factors like; movement of the gorillas or how far they’re from the trail head/ starting point, the pace of the visitors, the nature/ condition of the paths or trails on a particular day and much more but all in all you expect to encounter the gorillas after a short or long trek and its worth the effort.


Is the Gorilla trekking Uganda adventure worth it?

Indeed. It is 100% yes. The Gorilla tracking Uganda experience is such, which you may fail to explain in words. The excitement, adventure and pleasure that you have during Gorilla trekking in Uganda with ATW Holidays Africa is one that you can’t imagine. It is emotional, epic, monumental and a moment to share back after your safari.

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