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Cultural safaris in Uganda are a feeling of splendor. It is such a flawless safari experience to encounter some of the most interesting people and cultures of Eastern Africa. Apart from the famous Masai people of Kenya who are similar to the Karamojong of Uganda, Uganda is a perfect destination for those seeking to meet the adorable cultures of Africa. It is a destination of unmatched cultural diversity within the region, with over 40+ Ethnic groups each having its own beliefs, values and customs among others, which differentiate or relate a particular group from or with the other respectively and on one your Uganda cultural safari, you will meet some of these groups.


These various groups are custodians of several cultural resources that are both tangible and intangible tourism resources, and they are the center of travel. African Holiday makers who make it to the Pearl of Africa are spoilt for choice with lots of both passive and active Uganda cultural safari experiences available. Our cultural safaris in Uganda immerse you into the values, beliefs and practices of the indigenous communities.

Whether what you want is to participate in a traditional African dance or just to watch a traditional performance, Is the purpose of your trip just to see these cultures or have a total experience of these cultures which is not common to a typical traveler?, we complete it all for you in one perfect tailored itinerary on a principal of Responsible travel; to ensure sustainable tourism. Whether you are a researcher or seeking an African holiday during your summer or winter break, Avens Travel World is your cultural safari travel companion.

On your cultural safari in Uganda, you visit local communities, have a taste of experiential arts, performances and demonstrations, visit cultural sites like museums and Royal sites, shop cultural souvenirs, explore various cultural trails exhibiting the heritages of humanity and different cultural groups.

On one of your cultural safari/ tour in Uganda for example, you may explore; the Buganda heritage trail with sites like the Kasubi Royal tombs-a UNESCO site, Mengo Palace and Buganda Coronation site in Nagalabi in central Uganda, the Busoga cultural trail in eastern Uganda as well as sites like Mparo Tombs, Amabere ga Nyinamwiru caves and Tooro palace in western Uganda. The cultural diversity takes in old/ historical buildings in Kampala and Jinja, modern performing centers like Ndere Cultural center, Religious sites like the Bahai temple, Gadhafi national mosque, among others. You may also get chance to see interesting people like the mysterious IK people and the Batwa, taste traditional cuisines. The list of cultural delights in Uganda is endless.