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The Luxury Gorilla Experience in Uganda and Rwanda

What to Expect?

Gorilla trekking is by far one of the most outstanding wildlife experience and encounter in East Africa and Africa in general. It also becomes otherworldly when you enjoy it in style and with elegance, if you immerse in the luxury features which come along with the Uganda and Rwanda luxury gorilla trekking adventures. The two East African countries are irresistibly beautiful destinations whose gorilla habitats are cloaked in a roller-coaster of evergreen mountain forests.

Their title tags, the “Land of a thousand Hills” for Rwanda and the “Pearl of Africa” for Uganda, speak volumes about them. The two countries have become popular destinations in Africa because of their growing economies and have emerged as premier safari destinations for the iconic and luxury Mountain Gorilla tracking adventures.

Rwanda is a more luxury Gorilla tracking destination. It has established itself as an outstanding place to be for the world’s famous gorilla treks through its iconic brand name “Visit Rwanda” and it is known for its powerful and ultra-luxury gorilla experiences amongst the three countries that offer gorilla trekking in the world. Through the RDB (Rwanda Development Board), therefore, it has been able to forge a number of partnerships to spearhead the growth of the tourism sector.

Uganda on the other-hand through its brand name “Explore Uganda” has also set the string high for its Gorilla tourism product. The country offers basic and cost friendly experiences to luxury gorilla trekking safari adventures.

However in comparison and offering, Rwanda is a more luxurious gorilla trekking destination than Uganda. The features of Rwanda’s gorilla tourism product are far more high-end compared to her counterpart. So the Uganda and Rwanda Luxury Gorilla safaris and adventures give you a selection of features to stir up your experience.


What then makes Rwanda a more luxury gorilla destination and the experiences?


Those who are eager to enjoy the essence of a gorilla tracking safari with an unblemished luxury and flair, Rwanda is the absolute answer. But its important to know, there’re two Mountain Gorilla (tracking) locations in the world i.e. Virunga Volcanos which is shared by 3 Countries (Uganda, Rwanda and DRC) and Bwindi Impenetrable forest.

Rwanda’s portion of the Mountain Gorillas is situated in the Volcanos National Park found in the northwestern part of the country and its part of the Virunga massif. The park is located just about 2.5 hours from Kigali by road or 40mins by flight from the airport.

Singita Kwitonda Luxury lodge Near Volcanos National Park
Singita Kwitonda Luxury lodge Near Volcanos National Park


The luxury Gorilla experience;

Rwanda’s luxury gorilla trekking and experience is characterized by various features. These span from the private treks, the accommodation offering and choice, transportation and much more. There’re a number of international, regional and domestic tourist accommodations in the country and Volcanos Gorilla park in particular which offer luxury lodging to tourists. The selection of add-ons and ancillaries by lodges and private safari operators like ATW Holidays Africa will add flair to your experience.

Some of these and our top picks include; Bisate lodge, a collection of the Wilderness camps. It’s an eco-friendly lodge with an impressive African style architecture, perfectly situated in an eco-chic rainforest. One & Only Gorilla Nest, a member of the two one and only brands in the country. It’s a luxury gorilla lodge located in an environment of eucalyptus trees where nature meets elegance. Sabinyo Silverback lodge which is a collection of the region’s luxury brand, the Governor’s Camp collections.

More to those are; Sambora Kinigi, which enjoys a perfect location with private cottages in a natural and beautifully woven environment, Singita Kwitonda one of the Singita luxury collections and this was named after one of the park’s legendary silverbacks (Kwitonda) among other superfluity lodges around the park like Virunga lodge, Five Volcanoes Boutique hotel in Musanze and Amakoro Songa which is set idyllically in a lush green environment overlooking the immense towering Volcano ranges. All these offer luxury lodging and experiences to those on a gorilla safari in the “Land of a Thousand Hills”.

To immerse in the intoxicating luxury gorilla trekking adventure in Rwanda, ATW Holidays Africa designs a suitable package. You can combine a stay in one of those frill brand lodges with activities like the signature helicopter safaris and transfers.


The Uganda luxury gorilla safari offering

On the other hand, Uganda also offers luxury and more affordable gorilla encounters and adventures for those who might find Rwanda somewhat expensive. The country brags about its gorilla population and quite a selection of tracking trails and sectors. So those that make it to track in Uganda, they find it a compelling destination.

There’re two gorilla tracking locations in Uganda; the most popular being Bwindi Impenetrable forest and the second Mgahinga Gorilla park. The latter is part of the Virunga chain and shelters one trans-boundary group which makes it less favorable.

Bwindi Impenetrable national park is now the second popular gorilla destination. It offers handy gorilla trekking adventures which are more affordable than Rwanda’s but with a selection of good luxury accommodations. There’re four sectors for tracking gorillas in Bwindi forest each with a selection of some luxury accommodations. Below we give a highlight of some of them, however some may be considered mid-range or super-mid-range depending on different attributes;

Buhoma sector, this is located in the northern part of Biwndi forest and it’s the main /busiest tracking sector. It has quite a great selection of luxury lodges and our picks include; Bwindi Volcano lodge which is set on the brim of the forest overlooking the gorilla park. It has ten elegant handcrafted bandas with two deluxe and eight standard rooms. Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp it is one of the brands of the renowned Sanctuary Retreats. Its an ecologically friendly camp at the forest edge a few meters to the park quarters. It has ten tents and also customized sedan chairs which allow less able guests to be carried to encounter the gorillas.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp Bwindi
Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp a luxury lodge in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest


Buhoma lodge, it is a property of the Uganda exclusive camps and one of the two lodges situated in the park boundaries. Its located a few meters to the trail head and offers un-imaginable luxury in a forest setting. It has an elevated central area, with a fine lounge, bar and dining area as well as a fire place where you can enjoy the calls of nature on a late evening.

Others in Buhoma include Trackers safari lodge, Silverback lodge a brand of Marasa Africa and Buhoma haven lodge.

The other sectors of Nkuringo, Ruhija and Rushaga have their share of lodges which offer fineness and a blend of luxury. Clouds Mt. Gorilla lodge is one of the stylish properties and a brand of Wildplaces Africa. It has a main lodge with 5 fireplaces, bar and wide dining area with six bedroom stone crafted stone cottages and two bedroom family cottages.  Mahogany Springs which is perched on top of Munyanga river, taking in the misty sweeping views of the Bwindi forest offer luxury lodging in 12 luxury suites surrounded by verdant valleys.

There’re various other lodges which offer cushioned experiences in the park. So rest assured that the ATW Holidays Africa safari designer will match your preferences to the best accommodation.

Apart from staying in top accommodations, Uganda and Rwanda’s luxury Gorilla tours are strengthened by exclusive experiences. For those seeking intimate and personalized adventures, the countries offer private gorilla tracking. This therefore means you can track the Gorillas as an individual, a family, travel buddies or couple without any other people outside your group. So this means purchasing the 8gorilla permits to track the particular gorilla family.

To immerse you in the powerful luxury gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, ATW Holidays Africa crafts exclusive experiences. These include the VIP treatment (meet and greet) on arrival, champagne and flower bouquet receptions at hotels and lodges, private pick-ups and transfers, air-transfers and private charters and much more.

So during your luxury Gorilla trekking safari, the full package comes with a tracking permit. Rwanda’s gorilla permit goes for 1500 Usd more than double that of Uganda which costs 800 Usd.

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